Simple rules to apply when you experience a problem with your car


Amber Warning Lights


Amber-coloured engine-management lights and other amber warning lights are there to advise you that there is something not quite right about your vehicle.

In general, it is safe to drive your car when one of these lights appears on the dashboard of your vehicle.

There are things to consider and do if one of these lights appears:


  • It could be something very simple, such as water low in your screen wash or a bulb blown somewhere and you could decide to sort this out yourself.
  • If you feel nothing different about the steering, brakes, suspension or running of your vehicle, it should be safe to continue driving it but our advice is to have the fault checked out, by your servicing dealer, at the earliest opportunity.
  • On occasion, it may be a faulty sensor and by simply turning off the engine and turning it back on again, the amber light may go out.


Red Warning Lights

Red-coloured warning lights are there to advise you that there is something seriously wrong with your vehicle.

You should not attempt to drive the vehicle any further and either call your servicing dealer for advice or call your breakdown recovery operator for assistance.

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